Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beer 1 Recipe

I received my ingredients kit from Austin Homebrew earlier this week for a Fullers-style ESB. The recipe:
1/2 lb Pale Ale malt
1 lb Crystal 75L malt

8 lb Amber Extract

1/2 oz Target bittering hops
1/2 oz Challenger bittering hops
1/2 oz Kent Golding flavor hops
1/2 oz Northdown flavor hops
No aroma hops
1/2 oz Kent Golding hops pellets for dry hopping

Wyeast yeast #1968 - London ESB

Expected stats:
OG - 1.060
FG - 1.014
ABV - about 6%

I plan on using a 2 week primary fermentation, a 1 week secondary for dry hopping, and then 3 weeks in bottles before it's ready (although I don't expect I'll be able to wait 3 weeks before opening one!).

1 comment:

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