Friday, May 16, 2014

Beer 6 - Dotybrew ESB Rebrewed

My family was all in town last month and we decided to hold our own personal beer fest. We stocked up on beers from around the world and had a tasting. Since Dotybrew ESB went over so well last time, I decided to make it again for the beer fest.

Once again, everyone loved it. It wasn't as good as last time though in my opinion. This time the fermentation got stuck at 1.020 so the beer ended up a bit sweeter than last time. Getting stuck at 1.020 is the curse of using extracts and I think I finally found out why. Pouring in the extract too quickly without turning off the burner causes some of it to caramelize when it hits the bottom of the pot. I was more careful for beer 5 than I was for beer 6. Lesson learned!

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